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Awards Coordinator - The Awards Coordinator is responsible for all program awards.
- select awards to be purchased
- order awards after committee approval
- coordinate with treasurer on purchase of awards

Communications Specialist - The Communications Specialist is the voice of the program for all communications to parents. 
- sends email and text alerts to parents as necessary
- posts game photos on social media
- posts events on social media as posted on web calendar
- notifies parents of any schedule changes or cancellations via any or all communication channels

Concessions Coordinator
 - The purpose of the Concessions Coordinator is to manage the concessions operations for all players, parents and families of the home and visiting teams on home game days. The specific responsibilities include:
- establish menu items to be sold in concessions on game day
- coordinate with treasurer on purchase of food items
- establish prices based on past history and/or committee approval
- decide on number of volunteers needed and inform Volunteer Coordinator of needs
- manage volunteer resources on game day to assure successful concessions operations 
- document sales and forward funds to treasurer for deposit
Equipment Manager - The purpose of the Equipment Manager is to manage all stock, distribution, proper fit and collection of all issued equipment for the youth football program as well as any team gear required by the coaching staff.  The specific responsibilities include:
- helmets
- shoulder pads
- pants
- mouth guards
- helmet kits
- coaches bags 
- footballs, ball pumps, helmet pumps, helmet beanies, first-aid kits, clip boards
- provide/setup scale for home games
- attach helmet stickers
- manage/record inventory of all equipment sizes
Fundraising Coordinator - The purpose of the Fundraising Coordinator is to provide fundraising options for the youth football program and manage all fundraising events. The specific responsibilities include:
- develop/offer fundraising options to the football committee
- design/coordinate development of event fliers for distribution
- collaborate with Volunteer Coordinator for resources
- request publication to Communications Specialist after committee approval
- forward all cash intake to treasurer
- manage fundraising budget targets
Jersey Coordinator - The Jersey Coordinator is responsible for the assignment of game jersey numbers and procurement of game jerseys for all players.
- maintain rights for jersey numbers for returning players (jersey rights are waived after fitting day)
- assign new players jersey numbers 
- utilize all available numbers before repeating numbers
- assure duplicate numbers are not used for the same division
- enter all numbers in online database
- order new jerseys with last name only as entered in online database
- purchase new jerseys with committee approved vendor
- assure all jersey order requests have been invoiced to account
- distribute new jerseys upon arrival 
- manage jersey orders for any late registrations
Nutrition Coordinator - The Nutrition Coordinator assures that the nutrition program is integrated with the sports program. 
- coordinates with nutrition specialist (nutritionist/dietitian) to ensure nutrition education is integrated with program
- schedules visits with specialist for education sessions
- provides post-season nutrition testing of all athletes
- grades all pre-season and post-season tests
- provides test results to specialist for feedback
- provides test results for end-of-season banquet
Photo/Video Coordinator - The photography coordinator is responsible for all programs photos taken for the season.
- procures quotes from multiple photographers/vendors
- suggests vendor options to committee for selection and approval
- coordinates with vendor to schedule individual and team photo dates
- assists vendor/photographer with "Picture Day" organization of players, coaches, teams
- coordinates and gathers game photos and video from parents to be provided to coaches and Communications Specialist
- distribute completed photo orders to Team Managers
Player Safety Coach (PSC) - The player safety coach is responsible for the annual training of entire coaching staff. 
- trains coaches of proper "Heads Up Football" tackling techniques as prescribed by USA Football
- provides resources to all coaches to complete online training certification
- coordinates annual training as necessary
- updates online database indicating every eligible coach
- develops a disaster plan for injury protocol
- coordinates ambulatory availability at home games 
- assures AED is onsite and available during all practices and home games
- assures coaches are trained in the use of AED
- maintains records of all players with notable medical conditions
Secretary - The secretary maintains all meeting minutes and voting results for future reference (via shared secure location).
- records all meeting minutes (venue, start time, attendees, guests, adjourn time)
- records actions plans, final decisions and voting results
- completes age verification of all registrations via birth certificates using online database and retains birth certificate for returning players and league use as required
Spiritwear Coordinator - The purpose of the Spiritwear Coordinator is to manage all sales and delivery of the spiritwear for our parents, players and families.  The specific responsibilities include:
- offer vendor options to the football committee for selection
- collaborate with vendor and football committee for selection of logo design & products
- provide images, prices, quantity to online store manager for internet sales
- provide sponsor list to vendor as approved by Sponsorship Coordinator for print on back of apparel 
- collaborate with Volunteer Coordinator for sales personnel during home games
- setup sales tent at each game (weather permitting)
- distribution of products to customers
- provide spiritwear at beginning of season
- forward payments to treasurer
- manage spiritwear budget targets
Sponsorship Coordinator - The purpose of the Sponsorship Coordinator is to reach out to the community and partner with local businesses to sponsor our youth football program. The specific responsibilities include:
- contact new sponsors each season
- contact existing sponsors for renewal
- collect and record funding and submit to treasurer
- maintain sponsor list for all recognition (home games, programs, newspaper, banquet)
- submit final sponsor list to Spiritwear Coordinator for printing on spiritwear 
- send thank you acknowledgements to all sponsors 
- invite sponsors to end-of-season banquet
- manage sponsorship budget targets
Team Manager
- The team manager communicates with the parents and coaches to provide organization for the following:
- coordination of snack schedules
- coordination of carpooling
- assist with picture day
- assist with nutrition testing
- assist in gathering game day volunteers
- distribute fundraising forms
- distribute photo orders to team parents
- assist coaches as needed
Treasurer - The Treasures records and maintains all financial transactions. 
- manages accounts payable
- manages accounts receivable
- records all financial transactions
- provides report at committee meetings of account balance, payables, receivables, budget standings
- confirms committee approval of report
- suggests budget targets for next season
Volunteer Coordinator - The purpose of the Volunteer Coordinator is to engage the parents, families and the community with the youth football program in order to fulfill several roles that are the keys to success in hosting home games and the overall efficiency and success of the program. The Volunteer Coordinator will be responsible for recruiting volunteers for the following:
- concessions volunteers
- chain gang
scoreboard operators
flag display
singer or recording of national anthem
field setup crew
- clean up crew
- fundraising and special events
- coordinate with HS Guidance Counselor for students needing volunteer credits
- assistance with nutritional education providers
- assistance with photography
- nutritional testing


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